Wetland of Kalloni

The Wetland of Kallonis Gulf is one of the most significant parts of the ecologic assets of Lesvos. The coastal areas that stretch perimetrically to Kallonis Gulf consist a unified ecologic system, as this area is consisted of a mosaic of salt-pits, small rivers and torrents estuaries, reedy-areas, pine-trees woods and olive groves.

So all these wetlands give natural shelter and become proper place for reproduction to numerous rare and protected species of birds.

Particularly the wetland includes the whole coastal area of the Gulf and a great number of terrestrial areas: the salt-pits of Kallonis and Polichnitos, the torrents Tsikneas, Vouvaris, Mylopotamos, Enea Kamares, Potamea, the lagoon of Meson, the marsh of Skala Kallonbis, of Parakela, Nyphidas etc.

The area has been placed among the European Program “Special Areas of Nature’s Preservation” of the net NATURA 2000. At present 134 species of birds have been registered- the 66 are migratory without having included the particular species of the neighboring terrestrial ecosystems.

The last years, the activity of bird-watching at the particular wetland has flourished. The best season for this activity is in spring or in autumn. It is an activity adored by many visitors-naturists -number that is going to increase as a relative program of development is going to establish to the area all the necessary amenities ( installation of organized observatories, establishment of Environmental Information Center etc ). Species like stone curlew, avocet, black-headed bunting, white and black stork, pink flamigos, slag, littleEgret, gray heron, ruddy shelduk, bee-eater, ect.

Among others, the particular area has an extremely rich flora so as a conclusion we can say that the wetland of Kallonis Gulf does not only contribute in offering shelter to various species of birds, but also in the preservation of the area’s bio-diversity.

At last, we can say that the Wetland except from the ecologic and economic significance has an aesthetic significance too.


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