The Municipality of Kalloni consisting of seven villages, which are Anemotia, Skalohori, Philia, Parakila, Skala Kallonis, Papiana-Kerami-Argiana, Agra, Dafia and Arisvi, is situated in the centre of the island.The area of Kalloni has been the centre and the “lighthouse” of the orthodoxy and the culture. Its contribution to the determination of the education’ s level, thanks to its Monasteries and to its historic Metropolis, was very important.It has been reborn many times from its ashes due to the strong will and insistence of the locals. It is Orthodoxy’s and Civilization’s lighthouse because of the historic Monasteries, the Metropolis and the local culture.Below you can take more information about Kalloni and the monasteries of the area.  



Skala Kallonis

At a distance of 4Km through a fantastic landscape we meet the coastal area of Skala Kallonis. It is an organizes port and main tourism resort of the area, with sandy beach, many trees, fish taverns and night clubs. The area of Skala is a significant part of the Kalloni’s Wetland proper for sea sports, fishing and walking.

At the fish taverns the visitor can enjoy the sea’s delicatessen of Kallonis Bay : sardines, shrimps, oysters, products that in the past were flooding the Asia Minor coasts.

We have to mention here that among the local festivities that take place especially during summer, the festivity of sardine during August, with local music, dance, ouzo and fish foods.


Is a mountain settlement at the middle of the west coasts of Kalloni Gulf, 12 kilometers away from Kalloni. This area is full of olive trees and citrus trees.

The village has to show to its visitor a number of picturesque houses, a fine square with coffee shops and a marble tap and the Byzantine church of Archangel. A great cultural activity has been developed by the local people, while the women preserve the tradition of weaving.

Local people are known for their hospitality and are farmers mainly. Also in this area there are the remnants of an old setlement named “Issa”

At the end of the village we can see Skala of Parakoila, with a sandy beach, fish tavern and coffee shops. Going S.E. we lead to Skala Kallonis.

Areana, Kerami, Papeana

Picturesque and tiny settlements found at the 1st Km of the way Kalloni to Skala Kallonis. Characteristic are the small houses with the white painted gardens, the small paved streets and the picturesque coffee shops.


Mountain settlement, that we we see first as long as we move to the main road Kalloni-Eressos, 46 kilometers away from Mytilene. It is a small settlement with a few vegetation. Local people are farmers mainly, while they have a brilliant cultural action. At this area is the famous Leimonos Monastery. A short, small road lead us to the yard of the monastery, that is full of trees, plants, flowers, birds and animals. The imposing atmosphere can travel the visitor to elder years.


It is a small village at the entrance of Kallonis town (1Km before) and 44Km away from the Lesbian capital. Arisvi has roots in ancient times and we can visit the ruins of the ancient town at the Eastern of the village. There we can see the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo too. The village has a picturesque square with perennial plane-trees and pine-trees. There is an interesting church dedicated to Zoodochus Pygis with wonderful wall paintings. The inhabitants are engaged in agriculture as here we find the fertile plain of Kalloni. During the last years the village has near been linked to the town of Kalloni.

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